Center for Russian & East European Studies --- The Center for Russian and East European Studies at the University of Pittsburgh (REES) is an interdisciplinary academic center focusing on central and eastern Europe and the successor states of the Soviet Union. REES is a Title VI National Resource Center funded by the U.S. Department of Education, and as such plays a vital role in fostering scholarship and teaching on this dynamic region.

University of Michigan, Russian Studies --- Provides resources covering the Russian Federation, states formerly part of the Soviet Union and Guide for Central Asian and Caucasian Studies and Guide for East European Studies.

REESWeb --- University of Pittsburgh created in 1993, REESWeb, the Virtual Library covering Russia and Eastern Europe to help users identify high quality web content that is located in or focuses on the region stretching from Bohemia to Central Asia. All web sites listed in REESWeb are vetted by the editors, categorized for easy searching, and annotated to provide users with a good idea of what they will find upon visiting a site. This hands-on orientation places a high value on precision and quality in its listings rather than volume and, as such, should provide helpful to researchers, academics and casual users who want to find relevant material on the web rather than sifting through thousands of search results.

National Resource Center --- The 125 National Resource Centers throughout the United States have been established at colleges and universities with funding from the U.S. Department of Education to establish, strengthen, and operate language and area or international studies centers that will be national resources for teaching any modern foreign language.

GIANT --- Databases of organizations and specialists in international affairs and making them available on-line on the Internet.

International Affairs Contact Net --- A directory of international affairs organizations worldwide. Its contents can be searched by organization name, location, subject, type, and resource offerings In addition, this service provides a limited-area, full text web search of websites maintained by organizations listed in the directory.

Access International Education --- A survey of international education opportunities for underrepresented populations. Targeted at international education administrators, this resource aims to increase diversity in international education by facilitating cooperation, benchmarking, comparative research and identification of best practices nationally and internationally.

Peace and Security Studies Thesaurus --- At its core, the Thesaurus is meant to provide standardized terminology in the field of peace and security studies. As a controlled vocabulary, the Thesaurus addresses the information retrieval needs of the international affairs community by providing context for search terms.

Routledge Central Asian, Russian & Eastern European Studies -- A catalogue of journal and book titles including details of all the journals within this list, as well as an extended range of related titles encompassing subject areas from history and culture to politics and society.

PECOB --- A connecting space built between Italy and Eastern, Central Europe, the Balkans and the Post-Soviet space. The Portal aims to provide both expert and generic users with scientific contents such as Politics, Economics, Society, Culture, History, and the Media coming from or focusing on the involved countries.

Journal section of PECOB --- Collects information about academic journals dealing with Central Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

PECOB News Analysis Websites --- News, analysis websites and blogs on Central Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

PECOB radio and TV channels list --- From Central Eastern and Balkan Europe that dedicate particular attention to news and information.
Radio and TV channels are listed by country, and each link provide a small descrption and a link to the original website

Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies ---  (CERES) at Georgetown University events on the area from central Europe to the Pacific and the Baltic to the Mediterranean, Black and Caspian Seas.

Harriman Institute --- formerly the Columbia University Russian Institute, has maintained its position as a leading center for the advancement of knowledge in the field of Russian, East European, and Eurasian studies through the research conducted by its faculty, students, fellows and visiting scholars and the training of scholars and professionals. The Harriman Institute, through its programs, conferences, lectures, and publications, seeks to create a forum for intellectual exchange and the further enhancement of our students’ education.

Rye, Man & Gor Securities --- Fundamental information about the Russian equity market, the political and economic situation in the country, the daily main indicators, stock quotes, latest events on the market and our vision of those events. RMG’s weekly review is a concise update of the weeks major political, economic and company news from Russia. Russian Equity Market Reports, Company researches and other analytical materials. Daily Russian stock quotes and the Principal indicators such as: currency exchange rate, stock indexes, trade volumes. - is the site of the state-owned banks and commercial banks in Russia, collectin as much information about the current state of affairs in the banks. Contains a directory with current bank addresses and phone numbers. The information is constantly updated and intended for those interested in doing business in Russia.

RUSTOCKS --- is the 1st Russian IR web-portal. Developed and maintained by CapitalLogica, PRIME-TASS Media Limited and RusIndex, the portal is the only English-language on-line communication channel between Russian companies and international markets. It aggregates original corporate materials, company profiles, Russian Stock Market data, brokers forecasts and research, as well as news line and press clipping of major market events.  The site provides investors with comprehensive and up-to-date information on Russian financial markets, as well as to increase transparency and facilitate information disclosure for issuers.

The Federal Service for Financial Markets --- Russia's federal executive body carrying out the adoption of regulatory legal acts, control and supervision in the financial markets.

The International Trade Administration Library --- The International Trade Administration international commerce, export/import related links