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  1. European markets open lower amid growing fears over global growth

  2. China just reported 'ugly' industrial output and retail sales growth that missed expectations

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  5. Newly public Tencent Music 'would be a screaming buy' if it wasn't for China: Cramer

  6. Adobe CEO on Magento, Marketo deals making 'only comprehensive platform' for enterprise marketing

  7. After a hike next week, the Fed would be 'nuts to keep tightening': Cramer

  8. Billionaire Richard Branson's advice for the 'extraordinary' Elon Musk: Don't burn yourself out

  9. Richard Branson hopes to head to space next year and says tourists will go 'quite soon after'

  10. Instacart to end partnership with top customer Whole Foods

  11. US auto sales are expected to drop below 17 million for first time since 2014

  12. Starbucks cuts long-term earnings per share forecast; shares fall

  13. United flight attendants protest staffing cuts, picket outside airports

  14. YouTube removed 1.6 million channels last quarter, mostly for being spam or scams

  15. Trump says 'GM is not going to be treated well'

  16. New York AG sues Target, Walmart and LaRose Industries for selling lead-contaminated toys

  17. Nielsen is getting serious about going private and will talk to potential buyers in January

  18. Amazon ran a sting to root out counterfeit textbooks, but some small sellers were unfairly targeted

  19. English soccer seeks new chief executive, after Martin Glenn announces he's to step aside

  20. 'No one would ever tolerate that,' Under Armour CEO says about employees expensing strip clubs