Options publications

OCC Publications --- The Options Clearing Corporation (OCC), founded in 1973, is the world's largest equity derivatives clearing organization, dedicated to promoting stability and financial integrity in the marketplace.  The exchange acts as guarantor to ensure the obligations each cleared contract is fulfilled.

The Characteristics & Risks of Standardized Options --- Mandatory reading covering the characteristics and risks of options for those considering buying/selling or writing options.

Taxes and Investing Brochure --- A summary and general information pertaining to certain U.S. federal income tax rules affecting investments in various financial instruments, including stocks, bonds, options and futures contracts. 

Understanding Equity Options --- Options can provide many strategies, including the means to protect or invest in the underlying without having to actually buy or sell the underlying.

Understanding Index Options --- An introduction to the understanding and use of index options. Index options  trading (listed options on all U.S. option exchanges) is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The Equity Options Strategy Guide  ---An introduction to basic equity option strategies available to option and/or stock investors.