EMC Introduction

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© The Emerging Markets Companion (EMC) website is launched to service professionals, individuals, academia and media organizations considering investments or information covering the Emerging Markets.

EMC compiles and aggregates sourced content from various contributors, both within and outside the Emerging Economies, in order to present an integrated, comprehensive and diversified view of the Emerging Markets.  News, market commentary, analysis, pricing data and fundamental research are assembled in way to enable a global yet detailed review of financial and economic activity.  The format provides a well-edited and convenient platform for global investors, multinational managers, news media and academics.

In the near future, EMC will offer daily pricing, news and research updates to investors from contributor updates from key emerging economies and 3rd party research, analytics and investment strategies.


Contributions are sourced and assembled from established and authoritative market participants and news organizations to provide:

A forum and focal point servicing the global investment community and the emerging economies
Regional Market and Political Summary
Global Economic and Business Alerts
Summary of market activity and investment strategies
A consolidated view of the emerging economies of Asia, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe
An integrated view of global economic and political events and
Economic Outlook


Launched in June of 1996 by Paul Cilia and Chris Saxman.  In 1997 EMC was rated and acclaimed among the best media sources covering the Emerging Markets by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Barrons, SmartMoney and many other financial publications. EMC provides news, closing prices and research from the major emerging markets financial and regional centers. EMC has formed partnerships with major participants outside and within the Emerging Markets, in order to provide readers concise and relevant information.