2000-05-12 Week ahead

Daily Brady Bond Trading Commentary

Friday May 12 2000 

The week ahead will be a testing one for all markets as we first take in the FOMC actions and then try and interpret them. The current wisdom is that the Fed has little option but to raise rates by 50bps although a small minority continue to see a move of only 25bps.

Markets will remain nervous and it is difficult to see investors committing money until the picture becomes clearer. Dedicated funds are fully invested and other investors are concentrating their money in other areas. We, therefore, expect the way of least resistance to be to the downside although would count out a rally after the Fed decision.

Brazil appears to be the main area of interest and the figures remain solid. In particular we expect the trade figures to show substantial improvement later this year.

The Mexican Presidential election will keep investors cautious in Mexican bond markets and Argentina is still struggling to get its fiscal house in order.

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