Market Commentary

The Economist --- Premier international magazine, particularly the Economist Intelligence Unit with in-depth political/economic coverage.

Euromoney - Emerging Markets --- A source of news, analysis and commentary on economic policy, international economics and global financial markets, with a special focus on the emerging world.  Created by the editorial team that runs the daily news magazine of the same name.

Online Colleges --- A strong resource in online education for experienced online students, educators or full-time attending students. Featured below is a three-article series about the nation’s ever-rising student debt levels. Authored by staff writers from Online Colleges, published June 27, 2013

  • The first article examines the dynamic between reduced state spending, higher tuition rates and increased student debt levels.
  • The second article examines historical student debt trends. 
  • The third article explores some potential consequences of the debt crisis

BradyNet --- Started in the early 90’s, BradyNet was conceptualized and offered as an open market source for obtaining prices on then exotic Latin American sovereign debt instruments. 

Harvard Business Review --- Coverage with many articles on Finance and Economics

Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance --- Stanford Law School's site devoted to examination of pending legal issues related to commerce. Subscription necessary.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL): Newsline ---Coverage of Greece, Balkans, Turkey and Europe

Bloomberg Emerging Markets --- Emerging Markets market summary, prices and commentary

Financial Times --- Covers World Markets, particularly the Emerging Markets

Reuters --- Global Markets Coverage

The Wall Street Journal --- Global Markets Coverage - requires subscription