Brazil: Financial System

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Characteristics of the Leading Institutions

Below is a list, arranged according to the different segments of the financial market, of institutions authorized to operate in each one:

Financial institutions that work with demand deposits:

  • multiple banks with commercial portfolios merchant banks savings banks credit co-operatives Other financial institutions
  • multiple banks without commercial portfolios investment banks development banks credit, financing and investment companies real estate credit companies mortgage societies savings and loan associations

Other financial intermediaries:

  • exchanges dealing in shares and futures brokerage companies dealing in bonds and securities societies distributing bonds and securities mercantile leasing companies brokerage firms dealing with exchange independent investment agencies Entities linked to the social security and insurance systems:
  • private insurance entities insurance companies capitalization societies societies administering health insurance schemes Entities managing resources owned by third-parties:
  • mutual funds and investment clubs portfolios held by foreign investors administrators of consortiums The clearing and settlement system:
  • Special System for Liquidation and Custody (SELIC) Central Office for Custody and Financial Liquidation of Private Bonds (CETIP) Stock Exchanges' clearinghouses