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  1. Amazon Echo recorded a conversation and sent it to a random person, says report

  2. Democratic lawmakers say there is no evidence in briefings of a spy in the Trump campaign

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  6. J&J must pay $4 million in punitive damages in latest asbestos cancer trial

  7. Harvey Weinstein expected to surrender on sexual assault charges

  8. AMC Theatres CEO says company is "roaring hot," with more cinemas and blockbuster hits to come

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  12. Big banks get green light to make short-term, small dollar loans

  13. Bill Miller says higher interest rates always led to a higher stock market the last two decades

  14. Gas prices are soaring. Here are the cars and SUVs with the worst fuel economy

  15. Trump budget won't curb deficits as promised, Congressional Budget Office says

  16. General Wesley Clark: Here's why Trump's North Korea summit failed

  17. Wall Street regulations need a facelift, not a minor Dodd-Frank makeover

  18. Charts are pointing to a relief rally for bonds, says trader

  19. California scientists hope feeding cows seaweed will make them less gassy — which could be great news for the environment

  20. Trump and Europe are entering a 'game of chicken' over Iran nuclear deal sanctions