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  1. Oil prices sharply pare gains on preliminary stockpile data in post-settlement trade

  2. GOP lawmaker loses nearly $17 million after pharma stock tanks 92%

  3. Trump tells GOP senators: 'We're getting very close' on passing health-care plan

  4. Hedge fund exec Scaramucci lands post at Export-Import Bank

  5. FDA aims to curb price gouging with list of off-patent medicines without generic competition

  6. Op-ed: A history of economic cycles going back to the 1850s suggests a recession is near

  7. Republicans delay vote on health-care bill

  8. Global oil exports spell trouble for crude prices

  9. Op-Ed: Here's the one thing the GOP needs to do to save its health-care bill

  10. More Americans will be without Obamacare insurance options next year

  11. Tax cuts for rich will get GOP health-care bill killed, ex-Obama advisor Goolsbee says

  12. Trump administration moves to withdraw an Obama-era clean-water rule

  13. US considering broad-scale measures to fight steel dumping: Wilbur Ross

  14. Goldman says ‘buy and hold’ investing is broken, but this new strategy will work

  15. California's triple-digit heat slows milk production, threatens crops and livestock

  16. Ashton Kutcher: Technology will even take jobs from actors - 'It's happening right now'

  17. Trump is growing frustrated with China and is considering trade actions

  18. Yellen has no comment on relationship with Trump, but meets with Mnuchin regularly

  19. Activist investor tells Ugg maker Deckers: Sell yourself or I'll replace the board

  20. White collar crime: How mishandling a fraud search can ruin an investigation