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  2. Trump set to attend Texas rally for India prime minister amid stalled trade talks

  3. Chevron CEO says attack on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities shows that 'risk is real'

  4. Investigation finds illegal synthetic marijuana in products sold as CBD

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  7. JP Morgan's stock guru says oil won't hurt stocks until it hits $80

  8. Walmart is bringing back trendy fashion brand Scoop in bid to juice its fashion business

  9. Trump says he's in no rush to respond to the attacks on Saudi oil facilities

  10. Defense Secretary Mark Esper spoke with Saudi, Iraqi leaders about attack on Saudi oil supply

  11. Expectations suddenly are rising that the Fed might not cut interest rates this week

  12. California to spend $20M on vaping awareness

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  14. Eight years of Trump's tax returns subpoenaed by Manhattan DA

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  16. Striking UAW workers want Trump to stay out of negotiations with GM

  17. Democrats are focused on impeaching Trump, not Kavanaugh, Nadler says

  18. Oil prices could go much higher if there is a military escalation after Saudi attack

  19. Mercedes-Benz ups ante against Tesla Model S with all-electric Vision EQS concept car

  20. 2020 Democrats cheer autoworker strike as they look to top Trump in swing state Michigan