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  1. Dow closes more than 150 points lower as Wall Street posts its worst one-week sell-off since March

  2. Some of the year's best performing tech stocks got pushed down this week

  3. Trump reveals plan to sell F-35 fighter jets to UAE — but hurdles remain

  4. Covid cases in the U.S. are 'extremely high and quite unacceptable' ahead of the winter, Fauci says

  5. As China's economy picks up, new university grads are still looking for jobs

  6. McConnell expects coronavirus stimulus in 2021, while Pelosi and Trump push for a deal sooner

  7. Apple One subscriptions can save you a bundle — here's how to sign up

  8. Apple says some AirPods Pro have sound problems, will replace for free

  9. The ECB hinted at more monetary stimulus — analysts expect it to go all in

  10. Amazon predicts $4 billion in Covid-related costs next quarter, with unpredictable holiday sales

  11. Digital tax agreement would be priority as OECD head, Canada’s ex-finance minister Morneau says

  12. Google document reveals targeted campaign against EU lawmakers, report says

  13. Euro zone GDP beats forecasts for the third quarter, but new lockdowns threaten recovery

  14. NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal says next president should prioritize ‘bringing people together’

  15. Remote working 'levels playing field' for European start-ups on the hunt for funding, Salesforce VC says

  16. Some of Europe's top tech investors are adding a 'sustainability clause' to start-up deal terms

  17. India’s gold demand fell 30%, but ‘cautious optimism’ may be returning

  18. How the intricacy of termite nests inspired the design of a Swedish school

  19. In the UK, researchers push on with efforts to develop autonomous vehicles that repair potholes

  20. Apple's weak iPhone sales aren't a huge problem — people were waiting for the new models