Issuer: Republica Federativa do Brasil
Guarantor: None
Issue Size: USD 8,484,001,000
Maturity: April 15, 2012
Interest Rate: 6-month LIBOR plus 7/8%
Coupon Frequency: Semi-annual
Coupon Dates: April 15 & October 15
Day Count: Actual/360
Issue Date: April 15, 1994
Amortisation: Repayable in 17 equal semi-annual installments beginning April 15, 2004
Options: Callable at par plus accrued interest on coupon dates if no default
Currency: US Dollar
Form: Bearer and registered securities
Denominations: $250,000 and integral multiples of $1,000
Credit Rating: not rated
Principal Collateral: None
Interest Payment Collateral: None

Registered Form 

Paying Agent: Chase Manhattan, London
Bloomberg Ticker: BRAZIL
CUSIP: TT3163165
ISIN: XS0049977191
Common Code: 004997719
Sedol 1: 4152190
Valoren: 227466
Wertpapier/Austrian: 414030
France: 817650