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  1. Republican spending plan fails House vote, fueling federal government shutdown fears

  2. The Fed's favorite inflation indicator rose less than expected in August

  3. Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser sees 'cracks’ emerging among some consumers as savings dry up

  4. White House says far-right Republicans solely to blame as government shutdown looms

  5. Fugitive founder of crypto hedge fund that lost $10 billion arrested in Singapore while attempting to flee

  6. Ford CEO says UAW is 'holding the deal hostage' over EV battery plants

  7. Dianne Feinstein, California's longest-serving senator, dies at 90

  8. UAW announces new strikes at GM and Ford plants, spares Stellantis citing 'momentum' in talks

  9. United Airlines pilots approve new contract with up to 40% raises

  10. State of emergency issued for NYC's wettest day since Ida; rain, flooding expected to last hours

  11. Stagflation is 'the big bogeyman out there' — and many increasingly fear its return

  12. A big EV purchase decision that's not about the car model you buy

  13. How Tesla is at the center of the UAW strikes

  14. Trump blasts upcoming New York civil fraud trial to raise 2024 campaign cash

  15. The 3 best steps to take with an old 401(k), according to a money expert: 'Choose your own adventure'

  16. Here's how much you will need to save to retire with $1 million if you're making $65,000 a year

  17. The basics of options: What they are, what they do and how investors use them

  18. Supreme Court to hear Texas and Florida social media cases over right to moderate content

  19. People live longer, happier lives in Blue Zones, and only one is in the U.S.: Here are 5 things they do differently

  20. Toys R Us is planning a brick-and-mortar comeback in the U.S., with up to 24 new flagship stores